Q.  Do you have any resources relevant to your funding areas?

Please review these selected resources, if of interest:

Social and Emotional Learning in Canada    
Q.  How can I arrange a meeting with the Carthy Foundation? 

Given the Foundation’s small staff complement, and to ensure efficient use of your time, we find it preferable to receive information on your project first  (as described above).  We are then better able to determine if a meeting would be helpful. 

Q.  What are the most common reasons for declining a grant?

The most common reasons are:

  • Ongoing program funding - the request is for continued and ongoing funding of an existing core program.
  • Limited in scope - the proposed initiative has limited potential for impact beyond the immediate project target group or geographical scope.
  • Limited resources - the proposed initiative is an appropriate fit for the Foundation but we are not able to fund it due to our limited resources.
Q.  Does Carthy Foundation fund administration and overhead costs?

While we do not provide grants solely for administrative or overhead costs, we encourage full cost accounting for all projects and expect that project budgets will include a portion of administrative and overhead expenses.

Q.  What is the range of funding Carthy Foundation will provide:

We do not have a defined range for grants.  Rather, we assess and fund on a case-by-case basis.  If we invite a full proposal, we will discuss with you the amount to be requested from the Foundation.

Q.  What are some examples of projects you have funded?

Multi-province scale-out of a program that promotes social and emotional learning in the school system, with the ultimate goal of embedding the program in the school system.

Development of a national mental health literacy curriculum for teachers in training.

Advancing the implementation of community energy planning in municipalities across Canada.

Testing a reverse auction mechanism for restoration of prairie wetlands.

Piloting and evaluating a new program that provides entrepreneurial training to high school students in the trades and arts.

Q.  How many projects does the Foundation fund in a year?

The Foundation receives many more applications than we are able to fund.  For this reason, many requests, including those that are well aligned with our funding approach and areas, must be declined due to limited resources.  The Foundation typically invites 12-18 proposals per year. 

Q.  How does Carthy Foundation wish to be recognized for its support?

The Foundation does not wish to have any public recognition.

Q.  How long does it take to reach a decision on a request for support?

The Foundation aims to respond within two to four weeks to all initial project concept submissions.  If your organization is invited to submit a full proposal, it will take, on average, two to four months for a final decision.

Q. To whom should we send the Letter of Inquiry?

Please mail a hard copy of your documents to the address below.


P.O. Box 2554, Station M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M7
Phone: 403.231.7922

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