The foundation encourages those seeking support to:

1. Review the following checklist first to ensure eligibility.

Is your organization a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency or a qualified donee as identified by the Canada Revenue Agency?

Does your initiative fit with the foundation’s funding approach?

Does your initiative fall explicitly within one of our four funding areas?

2. If you have answered yes to all the above, please mail a hard copy of your Letter of Inquiry (requirements outlined below).

Submitting a Letter of Inquiry

The preliminary inquiry letter should not exceed four pages, and should include the following:

  • A brief description of the organization’s history, purpose, scope of activities and names of its leaders.
  • What need or issue will the project address? What is the case for support?
  • What is the general description and time-frame of the project?
  • What is the project intended to achieve?
  • Why is your organization an appropriate one to undertake this project?
  • Describe the possible impact of this project from a local, regional and national perspective.
  • What other organizations will be involved in the project? Describe the relationship.
  • What is the approximate budget (broken down by year), and what amount are you requesting from Carthy Foundation? Over what time frame?
  • What other sources of funds are you approaching at this time? What funds have been committed to date?

As well as the following documentation:

  • Canada Revenue Agency charitable registration number
  • Operating budget for current year, including expenditures and revenues to date
  • Most recent audited financial statements

Our Selection Process

Letter of Inquiry:  Foundation staff will review the information contained in the Letter of Inquiry with respect to the foundation’s funding areas, granting approach and available resources. Pending the results of this review, the foundation may request a full proposal.
Proposal:  This phase is typically very interactive, with the foundation and the applicant working together to ensure the proposal information is complete.  
External Review:  Proposals are then submitted to an independent external review.  Our practice is to seek input on the project from experts and key stakeholders in the field, including other funding bodies. We request confidentiality when submitting proposal for review, and we share the comments with the applicant.  We may also share the comments with other funders.
Board Consideration:  Proposals are presented to the Foundation’s Board of Directors who make the final funding decision.

* Note that a decline is possible at any stage in the application process.

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