Carthy Foundation is a private foundation based in Calgary, Alberta.  Established in 1965, the Foundation supports national and regional charitable initiatives. 

MISSIONStriving toward a prosperous Canada – pioneering, confidently diverse, and with abundant opportunity, our mission is to foster the promise of youth and environmental wealth.

Shelley Uytterhagen, President

Shelley Uytterhagen joined Carthy Foundation in 2001 as Program Director and was appointed President in 2008. 

Prior to joining Carthy Foundation, she worked with Alinea International (formerly Agriteam Canada), an international development consulting firm, where she served as project manager and advisor on numerous projects in Asia and South America.  Shelley has served on the boards of Philanthropic Foundations Canada, the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network, and the Alberta Business Families Institute.


Karen Wilkie, Program Director

Karen Wilkie joined the Carthy Foundation in 2014.

Prior to this, Karen served as a policy and government relations strategist with The City of Calgary and as a researcher and policy analyst with the Canada West Foundation, a Calgary-based public policy think tank.  Her experience in government and the non-profit sector enable Karen to work on diverse issues ranging from complex social challenges to urban sustainability. Karen served on the board of Environment Funders Canada (formerly the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network) where she held several executive positions.  


Neale Carbert, Grants Officer

Neale Carbert joined Carthy Foundation in 2018.

Prior to this, Neale worked at the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) as a Policy Analyst in its government relations and research portfolio. Neale was a Founder of The Stride, a leadership program that brings together young professionals from the business and charitable sectors to grapple with the complex issues facing Calgary. Neale holds a Master of Public Administration from Western University and a Graduate Certificate in Evaluation from the University of Victoria.

Brittany Chung, Grants Coordinator

Brittany Chung joined Carthy Foundation in 2017.

Brittany graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology degree from the University of Calgary. Before joining Carthy Foundation, Brittany worked with a management services firm, in addition to other customer service-oriented businesses. Her non-profit experience includes volunteering with several different organizations.



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